Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Updates! - Sci-Fi Gear Cards

So it looks like I'll be updating on Sundays since that is about the only time I have available. However, there will be no updates next Sunday as I will be Larping around Norwescon here in Seattle.

Today's update involves some sci-fi equipment cards I was doing free art for while I was unemployed. Original they were planned to be released by Paul Wiggy Wade-Williams as part of his Daring Tales of the Space Lanes. However now that I do have a job, I'm not able to deliver everything needed for it. He was a nice guy and let me out of the deal so I could release what I did have for free to all the little Savages out there.

Sci-Fi Gear Cards

They are compatible with other weapons inside the Savage World Deluxe book, in case you want some cross-tech level action (although it replaces their versions of futuristic weapons). Enjoy.

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