Monday, June 9, 2014

Adventure Monday! Part 1

Today I am going to do something different. I am going to put out ten generic adventure pitches.

I used to try random adventure generators but I found that many times they didn't help unblock my brain. At times they were just too random. So instead I perused and distilled plot lines, breaking them down into their essences and removing anything that was setting specific, and while doing that my creative brain got jogged to writing more pitches.

So here goes...

  • The heroes are caught in a siege.
  •  Law Enforcement suspects the heroes of criminal activity and attempt to apprehend and interrogate them. The heroes may be innocent but do they have something else to hide?
  • The heroes are caught up in a slave/poverty-stricken revolt.
  • A new drug is causing random outbreaks of violence.
  • The heroes get caught up in an epidemic that affects everyone, the poor, or makes the local animals dangerous.
  • The recently acquired item of a player bears a terrible curse, the only remedy for it lies in a distant temple.
  • A cult has sprung up that engages in ritual murder, and has claimed a party member’s childhood friend as a victim.
  • One of the players is mistaken for a wanted murderer by a group of vigilantes.
  • Hostages have been taken and one of them is important to the heroes.
  • Teenagers on a joyride steal from the players and start a fight. If the players fight back, they find themselves in trouble with the law thanks to the connections of the teens’ wealthy parents.
And speaking of adventures, my girlfriend tells me she wants to go camping on Mount Hood. My twisted brain came up with this...

"He spent the night making love under the stars...on a volcano."

Your life is more interesting than you realize, if you think about it. 

Game on, my friends. Game on.

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