Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another Rant

You might be asking why I have been so productive lately. It's because I miss playing rpgs.

Currently I am on day 18 of working without a day off. Sure the overtime is good and I really need it, but I haven't played in over two months. I haven't even played or run Savage Worlds in over two years! Mostly I have just been piddling around with Pathfinder.

Don't get me wrong, I love Pathfinder Society. But when I hear people talking in the group, they aren't talking about who they saved or what they fought or why. They talk about their character builds. They brag about their character builds.

I think that the reason people like complex games like Pathfinder, etc, is because they enjoy navigating the rules. They want to see just how powerful they can make a legal character. 

More than once I've had these people tell me what to do during a combat when my turn comes around. I start with a gentle reminder that it's my character and I get to play the game too. If the don't get the hint, I start holding my actions. This tends to drive the worst offenders bat-shit crazy, especially when it causes a TPK. I don't mind character death, but I do mind when people make decisions for my character.

Sure they may be right and their plan is of incredible tactical value. I don't care. This is supposed to be a group play thing and Pathfinder Society doesn't exist solely for the advanced players. In fact it's a marketing campaign to get new people to play. I for one want to see our hobby grow, but if newbies are sitting at a table being told what to do then the game isn't going to draw much interest.

I wish there were more Savage Worlds gamers in my area. In fact I wish there were a Savage Worlds Society in my area.  

*sigh* PC/GM LFG!

<Rant End/>.

Screw it, lets end on a joke.

An Archaeologist and a Priest are walking through the desert in Israel when they come upon a cave.
The Priest looks around the cave and exclaims "At last we have found the tomb of Jesus!"
The Archaeologist looks around and says "But there isn't anything in here."
The Priest shouts "That proves it!"

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