Friday, July 11, 2014

Free Stuff Fridays! - Alien Race Guide - Meet the Kesh

So, Free Stuff Fridays takes up the most of my time per post. As such, I am bound to falter on the weekly thing, especially since my idea tank is running low. In fact my current mind state will be addressed in the next GM Wednesday post. 

Today's post is certainly last minute. I have forgone the typical paper craft standee upload today in favor of Alien One Sheets as a celebration of the Sci-Fi Companion and the hopefully soon to be released "Last Parsec" by Pinnacle Entertainment.

So lets meet The Kesh...

This was not just a weekly update, but an experiment with digital coloration. I admit I am a terrible inker and colorer, but I like to think I am getting better.

By the Way, if you are looking for "Truly Alien" aliens for your game, you might be disappointed. I prefer the Star Warsy type aliens of pulp to the "talking jellyfish" of harder sci-fi. I am trying to design aliens that are more than a simple rubber forehead away from humans, but near-human aliens are also a part of the trope and they will be making an appearance.

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