Thursday, August 7, 2014

Still in Transition...

So we are mostly moved in to the new house. Cable and Internet are a big issue right now. Comcast has been treating us like crap out in North Bend and say the won't set us up for another 12 days. Century Link is willing to do better than that and they haven't been rude to us, so screw you Comcast.

My main computer at the house isn't up and running yet. The hold up is a desk. I have nowhere to set it up at the moment. 

I will say that my morning commute is now 45 minutes into Redmond, down a beautiful country highway. I actually enjoy commuting now that I have my scooter. I also feel like a safer driver. 

Yeah I know, the scooter is far more dangerous than riding in a car but that's my point. Inside a car I took my safety for granted. I let my mind wander. I can't afford to do that on my scooter so I am much more aware of other drivers, the ground terrain, what is a safe speed, and there's no way in hell I can text and drive.

BTW, when taking my classes my fellow motorcycle riders felt obligated to point out that a scooter is far more dangerous than a motorcycle.

"That's right baby. I'm a maverick on the edge. I eat danger and crap crisis." And then I would give the student Vespa a couple of revs. Damn I'm cool.

Bueller wanted to ride but he doesn't have a helmet.

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