Wednesday, October 8, 2014

GM Wednesday! - Retraction

My website gets the most hits when I make a mistake.

In today's post- I Forgot the Dingus - I railed against what I considered to be a poor design decision by Pathfinder and D&D, mainly critters that can only be affected by heroes wielding a Dingus (some specific type of item).

I totally forgot that creatures like this exist in Savage Worlds RAW. 

However, in my own defense-

Many of the creatures in Savage Worlds have Weaknesses to common items, so if it wasn't in your shopping list you can likely improvise something.

Some creatures are only susceptible to magic. Fair enough but if it's available in game there is a very good chance that one of the heroes has that ability.

The same cannot be said for adamantine or cold iron weapons. (Except that by a certain level, you should start packing these in your golf bag because you know you'll need them if you've ever played the higher levels before).

Never-the-less, my argument is thin and spawned by several adventures in Pathfinder Society that were so narrowly focused in weaknesses that I found myself useless and bored.


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