Monday, November 10, 2014

More Mojo - But I Think I Have a Handle On It.

I think I figured out what my problem is... too many conflicting voices.

So first up, my usual gaming group. They aren't fans of Savage Worlds and vocalize it every time I suggest running anything other than Pathfinder. So as a GM who is trying to work towards keeping his players happy, this becomes a nagging voice. The solution is to run Savage Worlds with a new group of course.

However I have been carrying those nagging voices with me. Then there is the prospect of running this game for a bunch of strangers who may or may not enjoy the system. Trying to make a fun game for people I haven't met yet is a path to madness, and the void of information is getting filled by those nagging voices I have been carrying with me.

Finally the biggest mistake I made was going to RPG.Net as a first stage in my therapy. I'm not knocking the site, but by seeking opinions from the internet I got exactly what I wanted but not what I needed. The conflicting opinions only added to the nagging voices creating a choir that I have been carrying around and that has been tugging my mind in a billion different directions.

So my creative prescription is as follows:

1) Build a loose campaign setting that I would like to run. Ignore the opinions of others and the nagging choir. Keep it loose and plan only for a first introductory adventure. Then trust that the story and the uniqueness will come from and be inspired by the players.

2) Find a group and run it, either at an FLGS or on Hangouts, but run it.  If the setting doesn't garner any interest then weigh whether or not the group is worth continuing with, whether the campaign setting needs tweaking, or if it's time to pitch a new campaign setting.

3) Every day do one of the following: write an adventure seed, come up with a campaign concept, create an interesting villain/monster concept.

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