Monday, December 22, 2014

Not Game Related, Just Pandora

Yup, my crotchety old self has just got online with that new-fangled Pandora doo-hickey.

I've been using it to re-discover the music of the eighties, back when songs had fun and before everyone jumped on the Kurt Cobain depression-wagon.

It occurs to me that that listening to oldies is way better than listening to today's radio. I'm not saying music to day sucks (even though I'm thinking it) but when you listen to modern stations on the radio it feeds you what's trending right now. It gives you the musical depth of maybe a year or two if you're lucky. But if you go onto Pandora and pick 80's pop, or Classic Heavy Metal, you get an entire decade or two of hits. Thousands of songs distilled to get rid of the garbage but leaving enough good stuff that you can go a good long time without hearing the same song.

It's a good time to be getting old.

Happy Holidays, and get off my lawn.

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