Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Name Game

I really should name this campaign setting.

I've been mulling it over. What would sound good for a space fantasy romp like this. Believe it or not most of the good names I came up with are taken already. Others seem pretentious like "Ocean of Stars". I'm not making a setting about majesty and poetry. I'm making a setting about the nutty dregs of the universe.

So I'm thinking of going with Savage Spacepunk.

People seem to think the suffix -punk means technology these days with the popularity of Cyberpunk and now Steampunk. But when it was first coined for Cyberpunk, it was focusing on the "punk" as in the anti-establishment views and music. I think that in those terms, Spacepunk fits for my setting.

So now I have a title. If I choose to release this as a fan PDF I may have to clean out the bits I'm borrowing from other Savage Worlds books or get the permissions of the companies to reprint them.

I should really start working on a cover too.

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