Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thursday's Rant is Full of Wha?

I apparently have one of those brains that doesn't like to stay focused on what I want it to do.

Here I am chugging away on my sci-fi setting. I've got the most of the nuts and bolts out of the way like gear, starship combat, races, overall feel. So I decided to sit down and start writing some adventure hooks for it. I couldn't come up with any that were interesting. In fact they were trite, boring, simplistic and cliched.

I did come up with about six adventure hooks for a fantasy game.

Apparently my brain wants to run fantasy at the moment. I wonder if there's something about sci-fi that's cause my brain to lock up. Maybe I've been emotionally scarred by the cancellation of Firefly, the depression of the new BSG, and the horrible travesty of SyFy's Flash Gordon (well, everything on SyFy actually).

So I'm going to take a break on the sci-fi until I recharge my mojo on it and I'll run some of these Fantasy Adventure hooks instead.

I'm looking at fleshing out about ten of them. If I finish them in time, look forward to a new Free Stuff Friday!

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