Wednesday, March 25, 2015

General Musings - Harry Potter and Star Wars

My new girlfriend has three daughters, two in college and I am helping to raise the third. It's a new experience for me. Fortunately the youngest is a geek like me, but she has never seen Star Wars and has shown no interest in it. For me, someone who saw the movies when they were first released in the theaters back in the 70's, this is unfathomable. But how to convince her?

I took her to her school band concert last night and her band played a medley of Harry Potter music and that's when the idea hit me. After the concert I told  her that someday when she's my age she is going to meet kids that have no idea who Harry Potter was. 

That stopped her in her tracks.

"That will never happen," she said. "Harry potter is awesome!"

"So is Star Wars. When I was a kid everybody was watching it. But hey, time moves on."

She thought about this for a while and finally gave in. "Fine I'll watch it."

"Cool. Did you know they are going to make more Star Wars movies? I wonder if Harry will get anymore sequels?"

<Evil Grin>

And I have met people who had never seen Star Wars. My ex-wife had a twenty year old friend who had never seen it. She also claimed to be a geek. We sat down and watched it with her one day in a marathon. When Obi Wan got cut down by Vader, she screamed.

I clutched my chest and said "Really? I hadn't heard someone scream at that scene in thirty years!"

Getting old is weird.


  1. Not sure if you're planning on integrating the prequels into the viewing (and what a gift to able to share Star Wars with someone for the first time!), but if you do, I suggest watching the movies in Machete Order...


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