Thursday, April 23, 2015

So Savage Rifts is Happening

I'm sure that if you read my blog, then you have heard elsewhere about this chunk of news.

I have to say that this news creates a very surreal experience for me. The first game I had ever bought for myself was Robotech so I did cut my teeth on the Palladium system. My friend ran a combo of the Heroes Unlimited and Mechanoids that was awesome. Before Rifts, we were already taking various Palladium games and combining them. Rifts was a natural, expected result when it came out.

Now despite the fact that I have fond memories of the games I played, I hated the Palladium system. It surprises me that in all of these years the system never received an update. It was a shame since the Rifts books had excellent setting ideas. But I couldn't get over my issues with the game system so I turned my back on Palladium 25 years ago.

Now Rifts is coming out for my favorite game system. My mind is blown. The past has returned to haunt me. It should be good news but I am still suspicious. Rifts had serious design problems, where an unoptimized character build could be killed in a single shot because he didn't have MDC (think Tank armor) as his personal armor. There were pistols that could blow holes into Veritechs. The power creep in that game was insane. I know that the Savage Worlds mantra is "Design for the concept. Don't do a straight port." But I do wonder if fixing the damage scales will violate the concept. 

Well, we'll just have to see. Really the only burning question on my brain is "Can meez haz Savage Robotech nowz?"


  1. There is no such thing as power creep in Rifts; it was a full on turbo-boosted, pedal to the floor, power dash!

    I've had the same thoughts. However, I trust that the folks at Pinnacle and Evil Beagle will come through with a vision of Rifts that keeps the feel, but with a system that makes a modicum of sense.

  2. Savage worlds has heavy weapons and heavy armor that (in design) work just like Maga damage.

    1. Yup, but then you need heavy weapon class pistols and heavy weapon class knives and if you make a hand to hand martial artist then you're boned. In short everyone and everything would have to be Heavy Weapon class. So if I have a knife that does Heavy weapon damage, what class of damage are the vehicles at that point? Super Mega?

    2. In most cases you can bypass Heavy Armour with a Called Shot, so it should be possible to have a knife fighter. That's certainly how the SPC handles it, anyway.

  3. Hopefully, they'll reign the SDC/MDC madness with the SW edition.


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