Thursday, May 7, 2015

The New Shaken Rules

I'm still working on those final figure flats for Slipstream, but taking a day off work to go to court, and having to make up those lost hours through the week is eating up my free time.

So, new Shaken Rules, everybody is talking about the new announcement. Some people hail it, some people hate it.

I am indifferent.

Now before you grab a torch and pitchfork, let me explain. I too had complaints from my players about the Shaken Mechanic and "stun lock". I brought the issue to the Pinnacle Boards... I don't know... a year or two ago. Shane (or Clint) posted the idea of having a success free the hero from Shaken immediately, so the idea isn't new. I chose to go with a -4 penalty to all actions while Shaken rather than the inability to act and my players were fine with that. 

So the idea that the rule is now official doesn't phase me. In fact, I've never considered any rule in Savage Worlds "inviolable" because it's a toolkit system. I play the RAW because the RAW works, but if somethings doesn't work to my play style then I change it. When I find a new group of players, the new RAW, Old RAW, or my rule will be on the table for players to choose.

Do I like the new Shaken rule? I don't know since I haven't played with it. Like many other rules in the RAW, it may sound wrong but once you see it in play you realize it just works.

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