Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Musings - Another Concept for Starship Combat.

I'm filing this under musings since I haven't developed the idea at all. I'm working overtime at my job in preparation for our big E3 unveil so my time is scarce.

The issue is getting players involved in the workings of the starship during combat. Usually it's the pilot's time to shine but then you end up with everyone twiddling their thumbs. Maybe someone mans a turret and fires a gun but it's still a very limiting model. So what if we let the players use their imaginations and the strengths of their characters in combat?

Yup I'm talking about using the Mass Combat rules for starship combat. Well I want it to be a group effort, right?

For instance:

  • A hacker may try to infiltrate and sabotage the enemy ship's systems.
  • Engineers may tweak the engines or shields to assist the ship maneuverability and defense.
  • A scholar may have vital information about the enemy ship's performance and weaknesses that could aid the pilot.
  • A gunner could help by firing the offensive weapons linked to the tactical computer.
Starships won't have Toughness, they'll have Tokens and each Token lost would be a critical. It's a big departure for starship design and it doesn't follow the typical combat model, but I just can't help but think that this may be the better way to handle crew combat.

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