Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Starpunk Alien Races - Baasti and Dragho

Here are two more races for the Starpunk setting, the obligatory beast-person and dragon/reptiloid.


Baasti are near-humanoids from the Baast system. They retain much of their primitive animalistic heritage such as fur, claws, and fangs and are slightly taller than humans. Baasti gain improved senses depending on their offshoot heritage (Callari-Baasti have excellent night vision while Pelani-Baasti have exceptional hearing).
  • Claws: Baasti have retractable claws that do Str+d6 damage and grant +2 to Climbing rolls on all but completely sheer surfaces.

And may choose one of the following bonuses:
o   Low Light Vision: Callari-Baasti eyes amplify light. They can see in the dark and ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
o   Keen Senses: Pelani-Baasti have exceptional hearing. The gain +2 to Notice rolls.


Drahgo are huge reptilian beings with horned heads and long tails. They lived a primitive, non-spacefaring existence until they were discovered by less reputable elements within the Empire. Soon, Drahgo bodyguards and brutes were found across the star systems. Drahgo may not be as advanced as other spacefaring races, but never mistake them for bumbling idiots.
  • Natural Weapons: The tails, claws, and teeth of Drahgo allow them to tail slap, claw, or bite in combat for Str+d6 damage.
  • Reptile-Blooded: Though not truly cold-blooded, Drahgo are not comfortable in cold environments. They suffer a –4 penalty to resist cold environmental effects.
  • Size (+2): Drahgo are so large that they gain a +2 to Toughness.
  • Strong: Drahgo start with a d6 Strength
  • Too Big: The Drahgos’ large size make it difficult to use any technology that isn’t specifically made for them (including computers and starship controls). This is the equivalent to the All Thumbs (Minor) hindrance.

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