Saturday, June 27, 2015

Starpunk Alien Races - Humans and the Shuuto

I've been away from my sci-fi game design for a while to the point where I have to reread what I've written to get back in the saddle. I actually took the whole weekend off (at the insistence of my wife that I was working myself to death). I finally have some time to work on my game, my blog, and tomorrow I'll try to get some Shuuto drawn. Shuuto are an alien race for my setting, kind of a mix of the ferrets from Weasel Patrol/ Fusion and the Jawas of Star Wars.

The Humans and the Shuuto share a special bond so I'm going to throw their descriptions in her together.


Humans are a relatively new race to universe. They traveled into the known star systems from a distant world on generation ships that moved slower than the speed of light. So much time had passed since they left their homeworld that none are aware of its location, let alone the reason for their exodus. Lacking a homeworld or any form of centralized authority, humans are regarded as the “gypsies” of the galaxy, living anywhere and adapting.
  • Adaptable: Humans start with a free Edge.
  • Riff-Raff: While humans have found acceptance in the lower classes of all races, wealthier or more respectable members of the races view them with disdain. Humans suffer a -1 Charisma modifier when dealing with authorities.
  • Kindred Spirits: Because of their similar homeless disposition, the Shuuto treat Humans as brothers (big brothers that help a Shuuto out when things get rough). Humans get a +1 bonus to Charisma whenever they deal with a Shuuto.


Shuuto are small furry beings similar in disposition to rodents. They can be found in nearly every corner of the galaxy, usually scavenging among the refuse or stowing away on cargo vessels. They have a fear of open, unprotected areas and deal with this by wearing many protective layers of clothing. No one is certain if the Shuuto have a homeworld. Aside from some junk worlds and Shuuto caravan ships, the Shuuto never represent a majority of the populace on any known world.
  • Agoraphobia (Minor): If stripped of his garments or left in an open field, a Shuuto suffers -2 to all of his Trait tests.
  • Danger Sense: Shuuto are used to dealing with predators. They start with the Danger Sense edge for free.
  • Scamper: Shuuto are often one step ahead of danger. They roll a d10 running die instead of a d6.
  • Scavenger Constitution: Shuuto are immune to disease.
  • Small: Shuuto are half the size of most of the typical races. Subtract -1 from their Toughness due to their smaller size.

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