Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cheap Figure Flats Work!

I'm getting ready to run The Wild Hunt for some first time players tonight at my work and in true Jones fashion I am prepping at the last minute. I've never been a fan of the trifolds that Pinnacle uses as the artwork ends up too small for my tastes. I prefer the larger sizes of the Pathfinder Pawns. So with a little Photoshopping and some borrowed artwork off of the net I created some Pawns for the Wild Hunt. Unfortunately I left my card stock at home and so had to print the pawns on regular paper.

And I remembered reading somewhere that people were using binder clips for the Pawn stands. Let me tell you that they work fabulously. They add a good amount of weight to the bottom of the Pawn, lowering their center of gravity and making them about as stable as Pathfinder bases.

Since some of the artwork is proprietary, I won't post my file for these pawns. I will post the template so that you can use graphic software to make your own. You can find the file HERE. Remember to keep at least a quarter of an inch clear on the bottoms so the clips won't cover the art.

As for me, it's time to start making some art of my own. Hmmm.... if I cover the paper ones with clear packing tape, it will make them stiffer and stain resistant.

Addendum ---> I had also heard about gluing the paper to either side of craft foam. It supposedly makes them sturdy like balsa and the right thickness to use in Pathfinder Pawn stands if you have any. I tried to do something similar with my Pathfinder blast templates but they didn't feel very sturdy. Of course I had done only one side. As it turns out, gluing paper on both sides does make it sturdy and they do fit inside the stands (unlike chipboard I bought at Ben Franklin's which turned out to be just a little too thin). Since I have about a bajillion of those stands, I'm going to go with the craft foam idea. Mainly because it will allow me to integrate those Pathfinder monster's art into Savage Worlds.

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