Saturday, June 25, 2016

More On Making Pawns

It's official, Glue Sticks are worthless when working with craft foam. The paper just peels off after a while. Instead I'm going ahead with white glue and an old credit card as a glue spreader.

I updated my pawns for The Wild Hunt and look forward to using them at the next con I attend which ought to be Dragonflight.

I added a thick black outline to the figures to make them pop as well as to unify the appearance of all of the pawns, whether they are based on artwork or photographs.

I also cobbled together Daring Tales of the Space Lanes pawns with the help of some familiar robots. But I will have to start drawing the other races for more usable pawns. At least those I will be able to post for download.

As for my old tokens, they will get a paint job and become shaken markers that I will slide under the figures when appropriate.

And here's a short video about the process. Do I really sound like that?

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  1. partially inspired by your recent posts, and partially out of a desire to experiment with the pathfinder pawn holders i just got, i started a pinterest board for tracking art for potential use in home made tokens.

    i've already downloaded a dozen or so images i think i can tie to named NPCs in the _sundered skies_ game i'm starting next month.


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