Wednesday, July 13, 2016

OMG! Daring Tales Bundle of Holding!

You've heard me talk a lot about Daring Tales of the Space Lanes by Triple Ace Games. Well they are a lot of other Daring Tales: ...of Adventure, ...of the Sprawl, ... of Chivalry.

And there is now a Bundle of Holding deal with the lot! Run, don't walk. This deal ends on July 25th! Click the button to go directly to Bundle of Holdings deal! Hurry! I'm running out of Exclamation Points!!!

And speaking of sales pitches, I've added a new page that links to the maps I have for sale on DrivethruRPG. You can navigate to the page HERE or with the link in the right column. Who knows? Maybe there is something you need.


  1. both this and the laundry bundle were no-brainer, instant buys for me.

    but between the bundle of holding and (mostly PEG) kickstarters i'm collecting books way faster than i can read them. let alone play through them. as far as problems go that's a good one to have. ;)

    1. It's good to leave a library to your children. It saves money.


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