Friday, July 29, 2016

Workin' On Art! New tokens a comin'.

I've decided to make some of my own figure flats for sci-fi. It's also giving me more practice inking with photoshop (god my inking is bad when I do it by hand). I am getting a little quicker but they still take time.

I decided to start with robots. First up - a Warbot!

I start with a pencil drawing, then ink in photoshop using stroke paths. I actually use two different brushes on the same path: a standard size 20 line and then a size 40 brush line to add line weight. 

Then I take a page from Drawing with Jazza for shading. I use a layer set to multiply and color in grey tones where I want shadows.

Lastly, I through a color layer under everything. The nice thing about throwing the color under the shading is that it is easier to swap out the colors.

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