Thursday, October 6, 2016

Just An Update On Those Sci-Fi Tiles

I have the room and hall layouts. Each tile is going to be 6x6 with rooms that fit on 6x12 or 12x12. The tiles are taking a while as I am doing specific rooms.

I am also inspired by these tiles, where the rooms don't have doors, but locations where you can place them (I will be including a papercraft door with my tiles as well). You can find their most excellent line here.

So why am I doing my own Sci-Fi tiles? Well, because I can and because most if not all Sci-Fi tiles have a Space Hulk/ Aliens grunge feel to them. I want something more akin to Star Wars/ Star Trek.

So here is an image of a Medium Bridge room that I just recently finished.

This set will included a small bridge as well as a 12x12 bridge, as well as a ton of other ship tiles. This is a project that's going to take a while.

Also, I've reduced the prices of all of my maps and tiles on Drivethru RPG and expect to see my Canyon Maze map as the Deal of the Day soon.

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