Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Holy Moley Adventure Edition Kickstarter!

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter has gone live, and... uh... they are going to need more stretch goals. Their highest stretch goal is $210,000 unlock and they are already at $203,000!

Link to Kickstarter

So what are my first impressions? I am cautiously excited. Some of the new changes sound unnecessary or strange to me BUT when I first picked up Savage Worlds I had the same issues. The thing is, it may not make a lot of sense but it works. Hopefully that’s what will happen with these rules changes.

I am also excited to read the new chase rules when they come out.

Then there is the World Builders Guide. That is a great addition to this toolkit game system, and Iwantitnow! Then, there is the Essential Boxed Set. Someone must have read my nostalgia article from a while back. I am sorely tempted to drop the money for this.

So what are you waiting for? Get over thar!

Update: I told my wife I wasn't sure about pledging the $150 to get the Essentials Box Set. She told me she spent $150 on a first edition first printing of Outlander by Gabaldon. So I guess that answers that question. BOXED SET!

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