Thursday, October 25, 2018

Return to Sleepy Hollow has been updated!

Get the latest version. It fixes a few things.

Things that are still a problem:

Father Munroe has no Riding/ Driving skill.

Father Munroe has no Chase Tokens?

The rules don't say if the you have to turn around in the second chase segment and make up any distance your players gained in the first segment. In other words, if you increased your lead against the horseman by 5 Chase Tokens trying to get away in the first segment, are you now 5 Chase tokens behind in the second segment?

And my biggest question on the new Chase rules in general:

To close the distance, I just need to succeed a riding check.
To push the enemy backward, I need to be at 0 Chase tokens and succeed an opposed check.

So if I am at 1 Chase token, and my prey is at 1 Chase token, and I want to close the distance and roll a Raise on my Riding check, do I just move up to 0 and my prey remains at 1 Chase token until the next turn when I make an opposed check? Or does my Raise bring me up one and him back one? It seems like my raise should do something.

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