Sunday, November 4, 2018

Chase Rules version 3 review

Well..that was a thing. It is surprising that instead of tweaking what they had, Pinnacle did a drastic rewrite of the Chase Rules the way they did.

So, I don’t like the Chase cards. The idea that if you get a club for an action card, the chase card you occupy determines what happens seems to add an unnecessary level of complexity that slows things down.

Then there is the Complications themselves. If you are unlucky enough to be on a club when you get a complication, you are at a -4 to your maneuver roll. That’s a heavy penalty and if you fail it gets worse. Failure results in a point of Fatigue and you are still stuck on a club card. If your next action card is another club, you are trying to get off that club card with a -5! And since “Heroes never die” is in effect and the chase doesn’t end until all the players reach the ninth card...


I was actually fine with v2 of the rules except for the chase tokens. Lose those, put it on a segmented map, and everything worked. Beyond that it just needed some better explanations.


  1. The chase cards essentially are a segmented map, just with extras that you can leave out as you please. Also to get off the club card you can Drop Back as a free action. It makes sense to me that overcoming a complication either makes you slow down (=Dropping Back) or has advancing be even more difficult.

    1. (Dropping Back doesn't require a roll.)

    2. I have frequently seen 2 clubs Chase Cards come up in a row.
      While dropping back may help, the Character needs a Raise on their maneuver roll to skip it moving forward.
      The fact is, the option for getting stuck and winding up in a death spiral exists in this rules set. There's "bad things happen with bad rolls" but in order to bypass this issue, players need exceptional rolls and assistance from other characters.

  2. Also... If I'm not mistaken you might be mistaken: To get off the club card you just need to make the standard maneuvering roll for Change Position. That's a different roll. It does not suffer the complication's penalty.

    1. "The suit on the character or vehicle’s current
      Chase Card (not his Action Card) determines
      any modifier to the MANEUVERING ROLL and the
      results of failure." ~ Complications, page 116.


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