Saturday, November 3, 2018

Return to Sleepy Hollow Chase Rules Preview Updated Again!

Updated Linkies!

I'm a little surprised this didn't make their front page news feed on their site. Anyway...

I haven't play-tested it yet but have given it a read through and I have to say that it looks like my previous issues were all addressed! I don't know if my review had anything to do with it or if there was a general outcry but I do like where things have turned.


  • Good: The tokens are gone. Instead GMs deal out 9 cards for the Chase "Track".
  • Bad: Well not really "Bad", per se. But since the number and suit of the Track cards have no bearing on the chase, I would just use blank index cards so any character tokens are easier to read. You can see some visual chaos in their picture example in the adventure.
  • Good: Using cards for the track opens the possibility of creating set obstacles cards like in Pathfinder's Chase Cards if the GM wants.
  • Good: Using cards lets you add more cards to the track if you want the chase to go on longer. Or you can just resolve it at the ninth card.
  • Good: The women have weapons! Everybody has something they can use.
  • Meh: The way that action cards are handled is different. It's good but I didn't have any issues with the other way. Still, it's more in line with character combat in that everyone only gets one action card regardless of vehicle speed, but if your vehicle is faster, you get a bonus to your maneuver roll for changing position.
  • Good: Changing position is a free action, but if you use an actual action you get a bonus to your maneuver roll.
  • Good: They've added complications if a character critically fails their maneuver roll.
  • Bad: Or maybe not so much. Pinnacle included some previews of vehicle combat rules, but they seem to be glossed over as if we are only seeing about half of what is really written. It's not relevant to the chase in the adventure and I'm not certain if they are in a state to play-test (see below).

and finally...

  • Big Bad: The wording on some of these new rules changes/additions is hard to follow. I hope this is just because it's a free adventure that has been reworked in only a few days and that the dialogue in the core book is a lot cleaner and clearer. Still, the Core rules release is only a few weeks away...


I misread how chase complications worked! The suit of the Chase card does matter.
If a character’s ACTION card is a club, then the CHASE card he occupies determines the modifier and the failure result of his maneuver roll. At least that’s what it sounds like from the description. Thanks to Richard Woolcock for pointing that out to me.

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