Saturday, January 5, 2013

Greetings to all humanoids...

...and unnatural critters from beyond the realm of the Antilles Maelstrom. This is my first foray into the blogosphere and I'm hoping it will be a pleasant one. 

Who am I? 
My online presence is Vinzent and I generally haunt as well as the Savage Worlds forums over at Pinnacle. Roleplaying games are my chief hobby, along with computer art for video games which is how I make my living currently. However for the past few years I've been using my computer skills to make some content for Savage Worlds as fan documents, character sheets, and occasionally art.

So what is this Blog about?
Well I thought it would be a neat idea to lump all of my rpg work into one blog so that others can find it. I'll have updates on things for use with Savage Worlds and occasionally Star Wars Saga and Pathfinder (the other games I am involved in). All also be shooting the breeze about the random thoughts running through my head as well as fun stories involving my current campaigns. So mostly this will be about role playing games unless I have a very bad day, then I might stray a bit off topic. Every now and then I may post a comic when the bug hits me.

What is "A Yelp in the Dark?"
It used to be the name of a webcomic I posted about the ill-fated Asheron's Call 2 mmorpg. Unfortunately my enthusiasm for the game died out and so did the comic. However the title has stuck with me.

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