Monday, February 24, 2014

My Forest tiles have gone live!

So my forest tiles are finally for sale thru Drivethrurpg. Support your local starving artist. It's only $2 and for that you get 16 rotating tiles to build your random forest encounter.

And here's a saucy Giantess for lovers of cheese-cake minis. My roommate was a part of the reaper miniatures Kickstarter and got two of these lovely ladies. He let me paint one and named them both Candy and Tanqueray.

 Update: Sooo... regarding the planets I've arted out. I think I'll release about one planet a week. Hopefully I can keep up the pace. If not it may got to a Planet every two weeks. I'll release a jpg of the planet for individual use, and a Savage Worlds write up (which is what will honestly take the most time).
If I can't keep up the pace of the write ups, I will focus on the art side. Honestly, that takes little to no time at all.


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