Friday, February 21, 2014

What Technical Difficulties?

Okay so those technical difficulties were actually relationship difficulties. My wife and I have decided to split after seven years. Suffice to say I haven't been in the mood for making rpg stuff for a while.

However I am back, and while I wait for a new video game contract, I have created a few tidbit tools you all might be interested in.

For instance, I have put up a set of terrain tiles on Drivethrurpg and I am just waiting for permissions to be granted and they go on sale. The first set is Forest Terrain made up of 16 different 7"x7" tiles with both a 1" square grid for movement and 16 without the grid if you prefer. All for a paltry $0.50. I will have a link when it is available.

And as a bit of eye candy, I have been painting miniatures as a means to keep my sanity.  Here's my Reaper Bones Earth Elemental...

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