Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ahhh E3!

I know I have been absent for a while. Basically I have been busting my butt working overtime so the video game I am working on for Microsoft can make a good showing at E3. My one day off a week is spent sleeping so I haven't had the energy to get crafty.

So what I will say is if your a fan of Savage Worlds, I suggest you pick up Marchland over on Drivethru RPG. I will say that I usually despise the whole World of Darkness scene. It's a great game but I have been exposed to too many weepy-moany vampires in movies, TV, and in the LARP. But this game actually made me consider running a game in a supernatural vein, basically because it isn't a world of Darkness. It's a world of Hellboy, and hell yeah I can get behind that.

I came across the game after Kurt Weigel's excellent review that can be viewed here.

I suppose I should do a review of it and post one here when my schedule frees up.

BTW, Dave at came across an old experiment I did with geomorphs and while I didn't pursue it very far, he asked if I would submit my designs to his site. I was flattered so I will plug for him. If you don't know what a geomorph is, check out the site. You might discover a new tool for your GM arsenal.

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