Friday, May 30, 2014

Emergency Month End Post!

Guilt, guilt, guilt. So long without a substantive post....

Over on the Pinnacle Forums I asked the crew for some craft suggestions, as in what would they like to see. There have only been a couple of respondents but The One asked for dungeon decorations. Now there are a lot of free Fantasy style decorations on the net, but not so much for Sci-Fi.

Well here goes the first printable page of freebies for your Sci-Fi game. (Edit: I just updated it into two pages as the size of the original was crowding the margins. This resulted in it not printing at true size.) (Edit PS: I also switched the download location to Google Drive. Mediafire may be a bit old school and hopefully people won't have issues downloading anymore.)

I think this is going to be a thing at month's end. I'll try to post more free tiles and standees for your rpg maps. I am hoping that with E3 around the corner and the end of my long work hours in sight that I will have the energy to keep this a monthly thing.

And BTW, the comments section is lonely. Drop me a line, let me know if there is something you would like to see.

As for sci-fi, I loves-me-some cheezy 1970's sci-fi. I even own Zardoz on DVD. Well I came across an awesome website for a fan like me called Space 1970. Most of the films mentioned on this blog I have seen but there was one I hadn't even heard of until I saw it mentioned on the blog: Moon Zero Two. It was billed as "the first moon western" and actually I believe it was a product of the late 1960's (1969).

I was expecting something as-awful or more-awful than Zardoz but this was an enjoyable little flick. It's very hard to track down but if you like old sci-fi movies then it is a definite worthy watch. I would rate it right up there with Space 1999.

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