Monday, June 16, 2014

Adventure Monday! - Part 2

It's that time again. Time for ten more adventure seeds.

  • A Hidden Monster is loose and ambushing people in a confined area.
  • A tinkerer is selling dangerous items (cursed or poisoned) to unsuspecting buyers.
  • One of the heroes learns he has a claim to property, title, or money. However there are groups that dispute it and want the prize for themselves.
  • A Carnivorous Monster has picked up the hero’s scent and is hunting them.
  • The heroes have been framed for a crime and must clear their names. 
  • A lost Person or Group must be found somewhere in Monstrous territory.
  • A wronged noble or friend is facing a duel he cannot win as a part of a Villainous plot.
  • A large cash prize has been offered to whoever wins a cage fighting tournament.
  • Vengeful ghosts have descended on the area, and begin possessing children to begin new lives.
  • A wronged person turns to the supernatural to get revenge against their oppressors.

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