Monday, June 23, 2014

Adventure Monday! - Part 3

As promised, more adventure seeds for you.

  • A Rampaging Monster is creating a nuisance for the locals.
  • A Monstrous Plague is coming and threatens to kill everyone.
  • A Monstrous Plague is coming and threatens people’s livelihoods.
  • The players are set up as scapegoats for the secret misdeeds of their current employer.
  • Something causes the wild animals in the area to attack humans out of desperation.
  • The players are betrayed by a former employer for bounty money, and are hunted by mercenaries.
  • The heroes fame as made them a target by wannabes that want to prove themselves.
  • A prophesy of doom is uttered from someone who has never been wrong. Can the heroes stop this prophesy from coming true?
  • Someone is forcing a hero to prove his innocence in a crime. If the heroes fail, many people and the heroes themselves will suffer.

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