Monday, July 14, 2014

Adventure Mondays! - Part 6

As promised, every Monday gets you ten more seeds for your games.

  • An Unstoppable Monster is coming to destroy everything. Who do you save and how?
  • The players are caught between soldiers and separatist rebels, and must choose sides.
  • People turn up missing right after a town reverses its fortunes. Has someone cut a deal with the devil?
  • The Heroes are hired to retrieve an important invention that their patron claims was stolen from him. Unfortunately true ownership is in question.
  •  Hostages have been taken and the heroes are hired to end the standoff.
  • An ancient machine or creature is accidentally set loose. Can the heroes stop it?
  • The heroes get wind of a slave ship in the area leaving port soon. Someone should put a stop to this.
  • Someone has arisen that appears to have miraculous abilities to heal and prophesize, but is there a darker secret to this gift?
  • A cursed item has been making rounds and wreaking havoc. The heroes must track it down before it causes more harm.
  •  A cult is selling a popular remedy that actually causes dire suffering.

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