Monday, July 21, 2014

Adventure Mondays! - Part 7

And it doesn't get any easier...

  • A Useful Monster must be captured and trained.
  • Mischievous creatures have targeted the heroes for fun. They must be appeased or destroyed.
  • The Heroes are hired to lift a curse from a town that the town incurred through sinful misdeeds.
  • The Heroes are hired to prevent the extermination of a valuable local animal by poachers.
  • An experimental robot or creature has escaped and must be caught or stopped.
  • A haunted house contains valuable artistic items, which brave players could recover for profit.
  • The heroes are hired to put down a grass roots uprising.
  • An android asks the players for help escaping from its owner and becoming free.
  • Someone or thing is attack people and leaving them with no memory of the assault.
  • The heroes are hired to protect a merchant vessel.
On a personal note: Things may slow down on the blog around the end of this month and the beginning of August. I'll be moving so there will be a lot of packing, disconnecting, unpacking, reconnecting, screaming at Comcast/Xfinity or whatever new brand name they switch to.

Game On!

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