Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventure Mondays! - Part 8

I've almost burned through all of my generic seeds. I wonder what will become of Adventure Mondays when I run out?

  • A Valuable Monster must be delivered unharmed.
  • Miners have uncovered something in the mountains and now it’s causing harm to the locals. The locals want it stopped, someone wants it for themselves, and everyone who has gone to investigate has never returned.
  • A child missing for years is seen running through the woods late one night.
  • The Heroes are hired to ensure the safety of a negotiation.
  •  The heroes are hired to hunt down a person or creature, but discover its mistreatment and may be compelled to let it go.
  • Strange lights and sounds come from an old ruin.
  • A contact claims to have information of a plot that threatens to destroy city or country, but winds up dead before he can pass on the information.
  • The heroes are hired to bring an affair to an end without the wronged spouse finding out.
  • A group of local natives are becoming restless and diplomacy is needed to avert a war.
  • Villains that the heroes have crossed before have unleashed a beast or bounty hunter to hunt them down.

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