Monday, August 11, 2014

Adventure Mondays! - Part 10

Wow, has it been a hundred adventure seeds already? Yup! Don't say I never got you nothin'.

  • A map to a lost artifact falls into the heroes' hands. (An oldie but a goodie).
  • The heroes have been poisoned and must find a cure. The poisoners may use the opportunity to blackmail the heroes.
  • The local ruler is using magic or drugs to enslave the population as a means to maintain order and power.
  • A group is whipping up sentiment against a minority. Can they be stopped before blood is shed?
  • A deceased power player becomes the target of a smear campaign. The locals want to know if it is true, the family wants it stopped.
  • Local law enforcement has offered a hefty bounty for the capture or execution of a criminal.
  • A child or family is lost in the wilderness and is in need of rescue.
  • The heroes are hired to protect an archaeologist at a dig from bandits and other, darker things.
  • A Group of Monsters must be cleared from their territory to make way for expansion.
  • The heroes are hired to return stolen relics or items to the rightful owner.

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