Monday, August 25, 2014

Adventure Mondays! - Part 12

Not a bad run, but I'm out of stock. I still haven't figured out what to do with next Monday. Hopefully it'll be something you enjoy.

And now the Final 10!

  • Rumors are that a rival kingdom is preparing to invade. The heroes are hired to find out if it is true.
  • The rare local animal is becoming even rarer. Can the heroes find and stop the poachers?
  • A thief/ murderer is making the local police look foolish. Can the heroes stop the crime wave?
  • Everyone in an isolated village has disappeared without a trace.
  • A Power Player has been poisoned and the heroes must rush to find a cure and possibly uncover the assassin.
  • The heroes are hired to defend a power player that is accused of crimes
  • A noble’s daughter has fallen for an enemy. The heroes are hired to find proof that he is just using her for state secrets.
  • A noblewoman's journal or love letters fall into the wrong hands and the heroes are hired to get them back discreetly.
  • An innocent person's loved one dies as a result of the business practices of a group of Power Players. Who will see that these men answer for their crimes?
  • A group of students dip their hands into crime and play robin hood. Are there efforts really altruistic, and what about the crime syndicates that don't like the competition. Do these kids need protection, or a life lesson about how dangerous their chosen path really is?

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