Sunday, August 17, 2014

New track with Adventure Mondays

So there are only a couple more Adventure Monday Updates in the cue. I could make more but I am trying to focus on a Sci-Fi game of my own. I have decided to take a new tact. Rather than try to generate an entire Universe for the players, I'm going to let things evolve.

I'll make a handful of stock races or use the ones available in the Sci-Fi Companion and focus on building interesting worlds with an adventure scenario for the world. As these come online, I'll share them on Adventure Mondays. They may become a bi-weekly thing, depending on how much or little detail I think is a good balance. Likely it will be a paragraph that describes the scenario and then stats for the npcs and any important items. I'll leave the nuts and bolts of the scenes to individual GMs to plan.

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