Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bonus Thursday - Rethinking My Aliens.

I've been perusing the Sci-Fi Companion again for my campaign and I realized I had made a couple of mistakes.

First, I assumed they provided races instead of Race Templates. It's one thing I was struggling with when it comes to the enormity of populating a universe - eventually you'll be making similar aliens.

And on that note, the Misorona that I made are somewhat similar (too similar except for their AB) to the Serrans in the book.

So I am going to focus on alien race templates and use those templates for whatever race falls into that category (with the exceptions of truly unique edges to that race). In fact I understand that is how High Space handles things but that's a setting I haven't purchased. With that said, there is one template I know they missed and I'll try to art it out for a Free Stuff Friday soon.

BTW My girlfriend as decided to start up a blog called Some Assembly Inspired (linked in my Fav Blogs, of course). She is chronicling the DIY stuff we are doing to the house. Last weekend was spent painting the master bedroom (me painting mostly). So if I miss updates, it's because she has cast Puppet on me or Bigby's Honey-Do List.

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