Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bonus! - John Wick Is Awesome

I once considered designing my own rpg system. When I got to magic, my brain burned itself out. I mean it. Every waking moment was consumed with magic design concepts, "feels", philosophies, and a never ending string of mathematical probabilities and die mechanics as I tried to "regulate an imaginary and metaphysical trope within the bounds of a simplified rules system".

Then when my brain had turned to molten lead, I said "Screw this. I need to play." And I went looking for a game system that did what I wanted. That's when I discovered Savage Worlds. 

This new article by John Wick has me thinking about plunging into the torrid fires of game design once again.

Go. Read. Maybe it will change your perceptions of RPGs as much as it has changed mine.

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