Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Challenge

Someone over on RPG.NET made a post about designing cheap rpg kits that one could give away to kids, adults, whoever. He wanted to find the cheapest method to include dice, pencils, a character sheet, and system into a "boxed set".

I have to say, I like this idea. Especially for Halloween where kids are coming to your door for free stuff anyway. Why not give them an rpg along with some candy?

However, there's a hitch. We are giving away games to people who have never played these games before. I'm not sure that any current systems will be good gateways into our hobby. Sure they are fine for people who want to make an active effort to get into our hobby and are willing to invest in books, dice, and time.

So here is the challenge to you viewers. We need:

  • A game system that is very simple and easy to grasp for someone who is completely unused to rpgs.
  • Including explanation of what an RPG is and how it is played.
  • The system can only use d6's since that is the die people are most likely to have at their house. And they are inexpensive if you want to include them in the rpg gift bag.
  • A simple character sheet.
  • An explanation on how to be a Game Master. Or, if possible, how to play the game without a Game Master.
  • An adventure for the players to enjoy.
  • And it needs to be kept under five pages.

I would love to see your designs. I'm going to hit this one too. Next Halloween, the kids that come to my house are going to get more than cavities!

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