Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GM Wednesday! - Travel and Gear


I'm still borrowing heavily from DtotSL. It's weapons don't have AP simply because there is only one armor that would make a difference (basically full body stormtrooper armor). It neatly explains the reason that sci-fi heroes don't trudge around in body armor (besides the obvious reason, like why we don't leave home in body armor) and it simplifies my homework. Well played Wiggy.

I also like the Wrist Computers rules and will be rolling it in. Honestly it seems all I am doing is adding some fluff to DTotSLs, but I'm good with that. This is what a toolkit system like Savage Worlds is supposed to do, give me options that I can use without having to houserule or invent systems myself.

Stuff I am adding...
  • DTotSL uses the stats from modern firearms for their Blasters, removing the AP since it really is unnecessary to keep track of. I added in the shotgun stats re-labeled as the Disintegrator Rifle, because why not?
  • I am yoinking melee weapon modifications from the SFC, but only Stun and Power Weapon. No beam sabers. I'm not copying Star Wars. Are melee weapons useful? You betcha. There are planets that won't tolerate a hero wearing a blaster on his hip as you get closer to the core.


So how long does it take to jump from one system to another? Who cares? I don't want my players bogged down with the minutiae of supplies and fuel unless it's pertinent to the story.

Sorry for the light and late post, but between the fallout of the accident and the holidays I haven't had much personal time.

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