Friday, January 2, 2015

Adventure Friday! - Adventure Generators

To make up for Wednesday's light post, here's a bit o' fluff.

Everybody seems to have one. Even I took a crack at it (see the Free Stuff page). While they often give you a rough idea of the type of adventure, they don't give you the interesting color (or trappings) for the adventure.

For instance, my adventure generator might tell you that the heroes must Steal an Artifact while contending with Rivals. Sure it's serviceable but it doesn't exactly get the creative juices flowing or tell you how to make the adventure memorable.

Inspiration. I've been having a lot of difficulty with it. I've written a lot of adventure generators and none of them have inspired me.

If you are in the same boat as me, I can tell you there may be hope. Try looking for a Random Title Generator. Adventure titles, pulp titles, rock song titles, these online tools are out there. I've just started using them. Many times I don't use the actual titles they generate (many adventure title generators are geared for Fantasy) but they do inspire me to create titles for my adventures.

Now I have a creative springboard. I have to figure out what kind of sci-fi rocket adventure has a title like "Beautiful Plumage". Inspiring, evocative, my mojo is engaged.

So if you are stuck for adventures, try generating ten adventure titles and then go from there. It may help get you through your sagging mojo moments. Bonus points if you can link those ten titles into a campaign.

Here's some that I have found useful...
Random Story Title Generator
Title O Tron (Pulp Sci-Fi)
Random Fantasy Novel Title Generator

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