Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Ill Effects of a Gaming Haiatus

I find this interesting. I have been working on my sci-fi setting for nearly a year now it seems, and I haven't played Savage Worlds in about two years.

So I lost my last gaming group to a variety of life problems, as well as the fact that no one wanted to play Savage Worlds. All of the gaming I have been doing has been Pathfinder Society. Nevertheless my life feels unfulfilled with that system and I want to get back to creative action. I promised myself the next game I was going to run would be Savage Worlds Sci Fi and I started working on this setting.

Now it's a year later, the setting isn't done (not because it is exceptionally detailed, I just can't get my mind to settle on the setting background). I'm beginning to think that part of my problem in making this setting is that I have no players. That I haven't had players in a long time.

I need to get off my butt and start running again.Part of my brain thinks that once I get players for the system, details will just fall in to place. I will be able to build on what the players want and not just what's rattling around in my head.

I'm thinking that technically I have enough of my sci-fi setting to start running it and that the rest can just be made up on the way. I take courage that works like Daring Tales of the Space Lanes really offered no setting but still were a lot of fun.

So today's lesson I learned is "Get out there and play!"

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  1. Get it out there and start playing in it! That'll show you which aspects of the setting need work, and it'll get you jazzed to do that work, because doing it will equal more fun, and won't just be ticking a box.

    Remember, it's not a game if you aren't playing it.


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