Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wild Hunt Character Sheets

Another issue I had when playing the Wild Hunt was keeping track of who was playing which character. Then I remembered seeing somewhere a sort of tent card and I thought it would make a perfect design for some convention character sheets.

So as you can see, the tops are folded into a tent. From everyone's perspective but the player's you can see the character name and artwork. On the inner fold, the player can read their character description. And on the flat is the actual character sheet.

About the only things I have left to do for this con kit is get or make Bennies and a Benny Box.

This is fun. Any suggestions for a box or for bennies?

I'm going to go ahead and post the pawns and the character sheets. I hope Pinnacle doesn't mind.

Wild Hunt Character Sheets
Wild Hunt Gear Cards
Wild Hunt Pawns

I will be in Washington DC soon so there won't be any new posts for week of the 4th. I just heard that they've reinstalled the original Starship Enterprise at the Air and Space Smithsonian. If I can, I'll post a video of it lighting up.

Have a good fourth!

Edit: I updated the Gear Cards because a Gallon of holy water has 8 pints, not 4! And I included the Molotov Cocktails.

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