Monday, July 4, 2016

Danger Sense and Surprise Rounds

Surprise rounds are a bit complicated in Savage Worlds. The Surprisers are all on hold, and the suprised have to roll a Notice check to get dealt in.

Now lets add someone with Danger Sense. They roll Notice -2. If they succeed, then they are also on hold. If they fail then they have to make the regular Notice roll to be dealt in.

That is a lot of rolls. Also if a hero with Danger Sense is on hold, and all of the enemies are on hold, then you are adding a lot of Agility rolls to see who interrupts who. And if anyone on hold gets Shaken, they loose their action that round.

I have a somewhat easier house rule that will simplify things:

  • Surprisers are dealt action cards.
  • Surprisees must make a Notice roll -2 to be dealt an action card in the Surprise round.
  • If a Surprisee has Danger Sense, they make a Notice roll with a +2 to get dealt into the surprise round.

It is faster and cuts down on a lot of redundant rolls in my opinion. It also maintains the benefit of Danger Sense while making it unlikely that anyone with advantage looses their turn in the surprise round.


  1. I like it - consider it yoinked.

  2. I also like it. It avoids the whole issue of who goes in what order among those who can go in the surprise round, while keeping the idea of card-draw initiative intact. Have you thought about posting this idea to the PEG forums?

  3. Danger Sense is to emulate things like 'Spidey Sense' or 'Primal Instincts'.

    The effect of Danger Sense, if successful, will prevent an enemy from getting 'The Drop' on you.
    When a character gets 'The Drop' they get +4 to hit and damage- pretty nasty.

    1. So, in effect, your house rule seems to make it possible for any "normal" characters to benefit from the Danger Sense edge without actually taking the edge.


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