Monday, August 20, 2018

Breaking Good

Let’s talk about breaking things.

I recently played Savage Worlds with a gm who didn’t have a solid grasp of the Breaking Objects rule so I figured it would be a good subject to discuss here on the blog.

First up: Objects have a Parry of 2 as per the rules. I typically ignore this for as the North American Spotted Jib says “We only roll dice when we disagree about the result of an action”. You want to kick a statis, non-animated object? I think we can agree you will succeed.

Second: As per RAW, you do not count aces or raises on the attack roll because doors and vases do not have vulnerable spots! So an attack roll does not generate that extra d6 damage for a good hit. It’s another reason to forgoe the attack roll if you want, since its only effect is that a roll of 1 misses against a stationary, inanimate target.

Finally: The damage roll must equal or exceed the object’s Toughness in order to break the object.

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