Free Stuff

Officially Licensed Savage Worlds Stuff

Free Test Drive Rules - New to Savage Worlds? Want to try before you buy? Download this free pdf and see what the fuss is all about.
Official Savage Worlds Character Sheet
Savage Worlds Combat Survival Guide - A list of tactics that players can use when they run up against difficult villains. It's more of a tutorial on how to think outside the Red Box.
Burst Templates
GM Screen Tables

Some Free Setting Rules from Triple Ace Games.
Daring Tales of the Space Lanes - Sci-Fi (Space Fantasy ala Star Wars)
Daring Tales of the Sprawl - Cyberpunk
Daring Tales of Adventure - Pulp adventure
Be sure to check out their awesome selection of titles like Helfrost!

A Yelp In The Dark Originals

Character Creation

Generic Savage Worlds Character Sheet    Color   PF
Necessary Evil Character Sheet
Generic Lifepath Creator - Based on the R. Talisorian Lifepath System from the Mekton and Cyberpunk rpgs

Alien One Sheets
The Kesh
The Misorona

GMs Tools

Generic Adventure Creator V1.0
NPC Cards v2! (Fillable PDF)
Savage Worlds Vehicle Conversion and Creation
Sci Fi Gear
Sci-Fi Gear Cards
Figure Flat Template

Sci Fi Companion Vehicle Sheets

Color - Printer Friendly
Black and White - Printer Friendly

Savage Worlds Adventures Tools

The Wild Hunt Tools
The Eye of Kilquato Tools


Starpunk Starships Doc


Fantasy Adventures Pt. 1

Planetary One Sheets

Planet Obsolam
Planet Pelligan
Planet Qalesh
Planet Sonti
Ralka Station

Maps & Tiles

Cavern Tiles 6x6
Forest Tiles 6x6
Sewer Tiles 6x6
Fantasy Standees Part 1 

Grocery Store Decor and Standees
Warehouse Decor and Standees

Sci-Fi Doors
Sci-Fi Interior Map Tokens

Generic Token Sheets

Slipstream Alien Flats Part 1
Slipstream Alien Flats Part 2

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