Friday, July 29, 2016

Workin' On Art! New tokens a comin'.

I've decided to make some of my own figure flats for sci-fi. It's also giving me more practice inking with photoshop (god my inking is bad when I do it by hand). I am getting a little quicker but they still take time.

I decided to start with robots. First up - a Warbot!

I start with a pencil drawing, then ink in photoshop using stroke paths. I actually use two different brushes on the same path: a standard size 20 line and then a size 40 brush line to add line weight. 

Then I take a page from Drawing with Jazza for shading. I use a layer set to multiply and color in grey tones where I want shadows.

Lastly, I through a color layer under everything. The nice thing about throwing the color under the shading is that it is easier to swap out the colors.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Even more FREE STUFF! A Fillable NPC Card PDF!

It was requested, and now it is delivered. Very special thanks goes out to Savage Matt Leonard for diddly-doing the dealy-boops with the PDF editing. We had to make some compromises but in the end I think we came up with something cool.

As always, it's best to print on cardstock. Just trim and fold the cards in half (front and back). Glue the halves together and you got yourself an NPC card.

These cards are 3x5 so they won't fit into a card sleeve. But the increased size allows you to fit in all of those character details you don't want to look up. If it doesn't fit, then shame on you for power gaming :).

Click the pic to get the schtick.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FREE STUFF! My Eye of Kilquato Tools!

I've gotten word back from Jodi Black at Pinnacle. I am clear to release a PDF that contains all of my tools used for the Eye of Kilquato. Well, all except for my Status Tokens.

Get the file right here.

Edit: I update the file. They are supposed to be crocodile Cultists, I guess.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Post Game Report: The Eye of Kilquato

I ran the Eye of Kilquato last night for my game group. This is the second time ever that they have played a Savage Worlds game and the first time I got to use many of my new tools.

So first up, I downloaded The Eye of Kilquato as well as the Map and the Paper minis from the Pinnacle website.

My tools involved:

  • a redraw of the map (Pinnacle's version was hard on my eyes)
  • NPC Cards
  • Vehicle Cards for the Boats
  • Status Effect Tokens (I made my own but there are sheets available from the Pinnacle Website)
  • Taking the trifold figures and making bi-fold pawns
  • Tent cards for character sheets

So how did the tools work out?
  • Map - It was fine but only used in the last parts of the game. The rest was all accomplished with Theater of the Mind.
  • NPC Cards - They helped a lot, but added to the cluttered mess of my GM station. 

  • Vehicle Cards - These barely saw use since the combat was less about sinking each others boats than picking off whoever was on deck.
  • Status Effect Tokens - Wow, these were a hit! They helped keep track of Shaken, Wounds, who was taking an Aim action, etc. 

  • Pawns - This was the chief source of the mess at my GM station. There are a lot of figures for this game, and you will likely use less than half of them. I should have kept them sorted from each other to make pulling them out and locating the right ones easier.

  • Tent Card Character Sheets - This also went over like gangbusters! The character portraits not only helped them get into character (Kator was awesome), but the portraits on the outside of the tents got the players treating each other as their characters.

Issues that I had with the adventure:

  • It's supposed to have crocodiles but the Pinnacle tri-folds say alligators
  • Spoilerz!: There are two eyes of Kilquato, but while the first one doesn't match the description at all, it is also considered a real one. I'm guessing this is in case the adventure runs long at a Con, it gives you an early ending spot as an option. It should be explained for anyone who is new to running con games.
But despite these little quibbles, everyone had a lot of fun. My next outing will involve them picking a setting and having a Session 0 (aka group character creation).

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DrivethruRPG's Deal of the Day 7/21/2016

Tomorrow my Street Map will be DrivethruRPG's Deal of the day. The price will drop from $5 to $2 for a limited time.

And who couldn't uses a 24x30, 1" square-gridded street map?

Danger Sense and Surprise Rounds pt 2

In my original post, I believed that the Hold actions were going to cause a lot of interrupt rolls. But after discussing things on the Pinnacle Forums I found that I was wrong.

Rules As Written, an ambush goes like this:

  • Ambushers are all considered on Hold.
  • Victims with Danger Sense make a Notice Roll at -2. If they succeed then they are also on Hold.
  • Victims (as well as those with Danger Sense who failed their first roll) make a Notice roll. If they succeed, then they are dealt action cards.
  • Characters on Hold go first. They only have to roll an Interrupt if they are specifically interrupting one card's actions.
  • Anyone dealt a Joker can preempt someone on Hold.

So my old system changed the rules a lot but only saved on one roll (meaning the extra roll by anyone with Danger Sense). Any homebrew changes should be simple and address a real problem. Well for me, that extra roll is a problem and I have a better solution.

Everything is RAW, except that people with Danger Sense only make one Notice roll instead of two. Their Notice roll is +2. If they get a success, they get an action card like anyone else. If they get a raise, they begin on Hold like the ambushers.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Update On My Mojo

Warning: This is a deeply personal post about things in my life. Quit reading now because Savage Worlds doesn't get a mention in this one.

I have been struggling for the past few years to get my creative mojo flowing. There were plenty of previous posts about this issue.

Some of my loyal readers might also have noticed that I'm crafting like a madman recently. Yes, my mojo is back. Games and art are fun once again. So what was the secret?


Yup, I have had a lot of bad luck in the past few years what with the divorce, mother getting cancer, and the job loss. It really highlighted the fact that I suffer from the anxiety/depression double whammy. I never actually got over what my depression was doing to me despite getting rid of a bad wife, my mother beating cancer like Mike Tyson versus a boneless chicken, and moving on to a new studio.

Depression/anxiety meds are a tricky thing. Each individual reacts to them differently, so a doctor will keep switching them around until they find the one, or combination that work. Well they finally dialed me in, and the creativity is bursting from my head once more.

So if you've ever had one of those days where you just can't shake the nihilism, the dark thoughts, and you sometimes feel claustrophobic inside your own skin, get checked out. And if you are worried that medications that get rid of your darkness will kill your creativity,     you     are     wrong. If anything, it brushes away your biggest obstacle.

So take care of yourself. You are worth it.

Friday, July 15, 2016

My Junk Yard Map Is Now Available At DrivethruRPG

It even includes a Magnetic Grapple Template. Surprise your friends and help keep me afloat so I can make more maps! The map can be printed with or without the 1" grid.

Click on the picture to go to the listing or click HERE.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

OMG! Daring Tales Bundle of Holding!

You've heard me talk a lot about Daring Tales of the Space Lanes by Triple Ace Games. Well they are a lot of other Daring Tales: ...of Adventure, ...of the Sprawl, ... of Chivalry.

And there is now a Bundle of Holding deal with the lot! Run, don't walk. This deal ends on July 25th! Click the button to go directly to Bundle of Holdings deal! Hurry! I'm running out of Exclamation Points!!!

And speaking of sales pitches, I've added a new page that links to the maps I have for sale on DrivethruRPG. You can navigate to the page HERE or with the link in the right column. Who knows? Maybe there is something you need.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Does It Have To Look Realistic?

I was using my google-fu, looking for some tileable textures to use in maps (I'm working on the junkyard for Waylaid on Wayland) when I came across this artist who goes by the name of Mr. Cirwos. Student Site Here.

It had never occurred to me to use anything but realistic textures in my maps, but I have to say I am smitten with the charm of doing something more cartoonish. When dealing in miniature, details can get lost and some may even become confusing. But with a cel-shaded approach the map details are easily visible. Plus it has that Saturday-morning cartoon feel to the adventures which frankly I don't mind at all.

Have a look for yourself. Do you think you could enjoy a game on a map that was cartoony? I'm guessing that anyone who has played all of their games on Wet-erase maps might not have an issue with it.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Danger Sense and Surprise Rounds

Surprise rounds are a bit complicated in Savage Worlds. The Surprisers are all on hold, and the suprised have to roll a Notice check to get dealt in.

Now lets add someone with Danger Sense. They roll Notice -2. If they succeed, then they are also on hold. If they fail then they have to make the regular Notice roll to be dealt in.

That is a lot of rolls. Also if a hero with Danger Sense is on hold, and all of the enemies are on hold, then you are adding a lot of Agility rolls to see who interrupts who. And if anyone on hold gets Shaken, they loose their action that round.

I have a somewhat easier house rule that will simplify things:

  • Surprisers are dealt action cards.
  • Surprisees must make a Notice roll -2 to be dealt an action card in the Surprise round.
  • If a Surprisee has Danger Sense, they make a Notice roll with a +2 to get dealt into the surprise round.

It is faster and cuts down on a lot of redundant rolls in my opinion. It also maintains the benefit of Danger Sense while making it unlikely that anyone with advantage looses their turn in the surprise round.