Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Danger Sense and Surprise Rounds pt 2

In my original post, I believed that the Hold actions were going to cause a lot of interrupt rolls. But after discussing things on the Pinnacle Forums I found that I was wrong.

Rules As Written, an ambush goes like this:

  • Ambushers are all considered on Hold.
  • Victims with Danger Sense make a Notice Roll at -2. If they succeed then they are also on Hold.
  • Victims (as well as those with Danger Sense who failed their first roll) make a Notice roll. If they succeed, then they are dealt action cards.
  • Characters on Hold go first. They only have to roll an Interrupt if they are specifically interrupting one card's actions.
  • Anyone dealt a Joker can preempt someone on Hold.

So my old system changed the rules a lot but only saved on one roll (meaning the extra roll by anyone with Danger Sense). Any homebrew changes should be simple and address a real problem. Well for me, that extra roll is a problem and I have a better solution.

Everything is RAW, except that people with Danger Sense only make one Notice roll instead of two. Their Notice roll is +2. If they get a success, they get an action card like anyone else. If they get a raise, they begin on Hold like the ambushers.


  1. In such a case, do each of the ambushers need to make an opposed agility roll against the character with the highest initiative card, since technically they are trying to act before said character, thus ''interupting'' them.

    1. As it has been explained to me, Hold characters preempt any character with a card if they choose unless they specifically want to interrupt a character's action.


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